• Never worry about uniforms again!

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    End the Hassle

    You have the impossible task of guessing how many of each size, style and color your future staff will need.

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    Setup is easy

    Add new uniforms via email or in person with one of our awesome customizers at our Mill Ave shop.

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    Send 'em Over

    Send your employees our way to choose the right garment for us to print.

  • Three awesome plans!

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    they pay

    Your employees come in to our shop and pay for their uniforms.

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    split the bill

    Your employees pay half and we bill you for the rest.

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    you pay

    Your employees grab uniforms as they need them and we bill you.

  • They love us! They really love us!

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    Daniel Grover


    "Setting up with Dress My Staff was the last day I worried about uniforms."

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    Chad Wilford

    Fat Tuesday

    "The staff loves the flexibility and I don't have to manage an inventory of uniforms."

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    Emily LaMar

    Fox Restaurant Concepts

    "...They are timely, efficient and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of products and service..."

  • Let's chat about it!

    Stop worrying about uniforms today!